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Vegan Options

Here are some delicious vegan hors d’oeuvres that will impress your guests

Vegan Hors D'oeuvres

Tuna salad

A delightful Vegan Tuna Salad made with hearts of palm. This plant-based alternative to traditional tuna salad is both flavorful and healthy.


Cauliflower Ceviche

is a delightful vegan twist on the classic Latin American seafood dish. In this plant-based version, cauliflower takes center stage, offering a refreshing and zesty flavor profile.


Vegan Lobster Roll

These delightful rolls are made using hearts of palm, which provide a texture reminiscent of lobster meat.


Vegan Trumpet Mushroom “Scallops” With Tarragon Cashew Cream

These vegan scallops, also known as trumpet mushroom scallops, are a plant-based twist on the classic seafood appetizer. Here’s why you’ll love them:
The texture of these vegan scallops is remarkably close to regular scallops.
They are soft, supple, and have a buttery quality, reminiscent of traditional scallops.
The tendon-like texture adds to the authenticity.


Vegan Lox

Vegan lox is a delightful plant-based alternative to traditional lox (cured salmon). While lox typically features strips of salmon belly brined in a saltwater solution or directly cured in salt, vegan lox takes a creative twist using carrots as the base.


Vegan Sushi / Sashimi

Vegan sushi is a delightful twist on traditional sushi, crafted entirely from plant-based ingredients. Here are some mouthwatering options:

Avocado Roll (Maki)
Cucumber Roll (Kappa Maki)
Sweet Potato Roll (Yam Tempura Roll)
Vegan Spicy Tofu Roll
Inari Sushi
Vegan Nigiri
Vegan Sashimi
Spicy Tomato Tuna


Watermelon Tuna Poke

a creative and plant-based twist on the traditional Hawaiian dish. Instead of raw fish, it features sautéed watermelon that mimics the texture and flavor of tuna.


Vegan Crab Bites

bite-sized morsels of ocean-inspired goodness. These plant-based treats capture the essence of crab without harming any crustaceans.


Beet Tartare

A creative and flavorful dish inspired by the traditional meat-based beef tartare. In this vegan and vegetarian version, we replace the raw beef with earthy roasted beets, resulting in a beautiful and satisfying alternative.


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