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Oyster Pairings

Oysters are an incredible food if for no other reason than their versatility. They can stand on their own or be paired with a myriad of different options to suit just about any taste. We broke down some pairing below to help you discover some new options.

Oyster pairings

Wine Pairing Flight

A curated selection of wines expertly paired with different varieties of oysters, enhancing the flavors of both.
price is per person.


Craft Beer Pairing

A selection of craft beers carefully chosen to complement the briny and delicate flavors of oysters.
Price is per person.


Sake Pairing

A unique and refreshing combination of oysters and sake, showcasing the versatility of both.
Price is per person.


Cocktail Shooter Flight

A flight of oyster shooters, each infused with a different specialty cocktail, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.


Non- Alcoholic Pairing

A selection of non-alcoholic beverages, including artisanal sodas and mocktails, perfect for those who prefer a non-alcoholic pairing.
Options include:
Tea Pairing
Mocktail Pairing
Oyster Shooter flights


Oyster Martini

A signature cocktail made with fresh oyster brine, vodka, and a hint of citrus, creating a unique and briny flavor profile. serves 25-50 guests.


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