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Oyster Bar Menu

Raw Bar

Al La Carte Raw bar Accoutrements

Classic Oysters

Freshly shucked oysters served on the half shell, accompanied by a variety of house-made sauces and garnishes. market price: the cost is dependent on breed oysters and quantity of oysters.


Seafood Platter

A refreshing combination of oysters, shrimp, and crab, clams and mussels served on a bed of ice, accompanied by tangy cocktail sauce and lemon wedges. serves 2-5 guests.


Oysters Rockefeller

A decadent combination of oysters, lobster, and truffle, served with a rich and creamy sauce. serves 25-50 guests


King crab

Hailed by many as the best crab on Earth, The Alaskan "RED" King Crab no doubt has a reputation all its own. A must for any party, full to the rim with huge hunks of Lucious super-sweet and slightly salted meat, if it's huge hunks of meat you want these babies are for you! Don't settle for other species (Blue, Gold, Brown, etc..) be sure you are getting genuine "Alaskan Red King Crab"! MKT Price serves 25 -50 guest


Snow crab

Snow Crab live in the cold waters of the Northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The meat of the commercially caught species have fine, tender filaments that are exquisitely mild and very tasty.


Snow crab claws

Festive, fun & easy to eat. Flavorful & sweet. Great for parties & entertaining!


Lobster tails

Decadent lobster tail elevates any occasion to the extraordinary. Savor monster lobster tails sourced exclusively from hard-shell, cold-water Maine lobsters. Succulent and buttery, these Atlantic lobsters are at the apex of lobster flavor and tenderness.


Lobster claws

Wild-caught Maine lobster cocktail claws enjoy best the tasting lobster in the world, from Maine's Atlantic waters.


King Claws

Sweet and succulent, Colossal Alaskan King Crab claws. Packed full of wonderful Red King Crab meat, these claws are a great way to enjoy King Crab.


Little Neck Clams

Little Neck Clams are renowned by seafood lovers the world over. These clams offer a meaty-yet-tender texture and uniquely delicious flavor known for mellow sweetness, accented by subtle hints of the sea.


P.E.I Mussels

Prince Edward Island Mussels are sure to elevate your next seafood night. The unique sweet flavor and tender-yet-meaty goodness of ocean-fresh mussels are perfect for entertaining or to give as a one-of-a-kind luxury gift. Sourced directly from the clean waters along Prince Edward Island, Canada, which is just off the coast of Nova Scotia.


New Zealand Mussels

These mussels have a delicate and slightly sweet taste, with a hint of brininess from the sea. Their texture is tender and slightly chewy. Due to their flavor characteristics, New Zealand mussels pair well with a variety of ingredients and preparations.


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